To quote Game of Thrones, "Winter is coming." Spending your life outside as a dog walker in Chicago in Lincoln Park 60614, Lakeview 60657, Old Town 60611, River North 60654, Streeterville, and Gold Coast 60601 requires that your clothing game is on point. The Windy City is know for it's brutal winters, and you will suffer if you don't put up a fight. Here's a few things that could make your life as a Chicago dog walker better this snow season:   

Under Armour - Cold Gear. Great for layering this patented technology traps body heat and keeps you warm while compressing the extra layers you may have.   

Wind Breaker - This isn't called the Windy City because the people are long winded. The cold is bad enough, but wind burn is most definitely NOT fun.   

Serious Snow Boots - I'm not talking about these goofy fashionable boots girls wear on college campuses. You'll need some serious, waterproof boots with snow and ice fighting traction across the bottom.   

Touch Screen Gloves - Regular gloves don't allow you to send adorable text and photo updates. Bare fingers are prone to poor circulation and pain. Gloves with the weird grippy fingers are the best of both worlds.   

Hats - Get a company branded one. Wear it. Free advertising!  

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