It's easy to be swayed by doggie daycares with huge facilities that will keep your dog all day long in Chicago. But we beg to differ that bigger facilities and longer days don't always mean better. Just because your doggie comes home tired doesn't mean it was a blessed day. Many times the exhaustion of your dog can be due to stress and overstimulation.

Overstimulation and stress are very real factors when it comes to dog playgroups. Many of the dog daycare centers in town strive to be the walmart of dog daycare. Low prices, getting in as many dogs as they can with as few staff as possible. Dogs run amuck in chaos with very little supervision when there is one person to every 15-20 dogs in a small space.

That's where we come in. SIT Social: A Dog Lounge is reinventing the way dog daycare should be. We believe the dogs deserve more attention - one on one time, regular bathroom breaks, and down time in between play spurts. 4 hours of play is more than enough for even the most high energy dogs. Our intimate Dog Lounge only allows 10-15 dogs (depending on size) and we have 2-3 people on staff every time.

Our lounge is setup like a dog's living room with comfy benches, water fountains, and lots of supervision so you don't have to worry about fido coming home smelling like a port a potty.

We have an awesome dog run in the back for bathroom breaks and sun bathing. We even have add ons like a treadmill walk/run, additional walks, or a frozen chicken broth kong to spoil your little baby.

No need for dog daycare anymore - now there's "Dog Lounge". Where your pet gets to be social, relax, and have a fun day away from home. Let your dog's experience mimic a play date at a friends instead of an industrial pee and poop complex of chaos.

We offer free behavioral evaluations and new client meetings so pop on by 3920 North Ashland Avenue to see if SIT is a fit for you.

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