The Anti-Cruelty Society is an amazing pet rescue in the Gold Coast (60654). Its tagline is  "A Committment to Caring since 1899," and that's what they do. Care. Every time I've visited the Anti-Cruelty Society shelter on Grand, I've been welcomed with happy, dedicated staff members and volunteers who want nothing more but to see their adoptable pets find their forever family.  

The Anti-Cruelty Society provides many services in addition to pet adoption. They offer spaying and neutering as well as training basics for your new companion. They also have many different ways for you to get involved via volunteering. Volunteers are the heart of The Anti-Cruelty Society, running adoption events and taking care of the animals in the shelter day to day. You can also become a foster parents through The Anti-Cruelty Society and give a pet a chance to socialize and learn how to live in a home. The Anti-Cruelty Society is located at 510 North LaSalle Street, Chicago, IL 60654.  

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