For the many of us who have decided to adopt a dog or cat during this pandemic, we are truly grateful for the companionship and love they have given us! But, we still must be prepared for things to eventually "get back to normal". That means leaving our pets for longer periods of time for work or school.        

   Having some foresight to start new practices at home will benefit your pets greatly! In short, contacting a trusted veterinary behaviorist or dog trainer for assistance can be a great start. They can help step you through the process of easing your pet into more alone time in a healthy way. Enrolling your pup in a doggy daycare or hiring a walking/sitting service may also be an additional resource that can benefit their well-being. Those can assist in giving your dog or cat that mix of mental stimulation and physical exercise that they need on a daily basis.

Below is an article from Kristen Thometz at WTTW which hits on some good points for preparing for these inevitable changes:     

If you need help finding any of these resources, please reach out to us!               

We provide both daycare and walking services, and can refer you to other trusted sources if we cannot provide the right environment for your pup!              

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