With some of our dog walkers in Chicago logging over 65 miles a week, it would make sense to put your sweat equity to good use and make some cash. Charity Miles does just that.  

The app allows you to log walking workouts and earn money for over two dozen charities while you put feet to pavement. Charity Miles uses your phone's GPS to track your mileage. While this does mean that miles logged on a treadmill won't count, it is fantastic for dog walkers in Lincoln Park (60614), dog walkers in Old Town (60610), dog walkers in River North (60654), dog walkers in Lakeview (60657) and dog walkers in Streeterville (60611). So as you spend time getting paid  to hang with your furry four legged friends, charities like ASPCA are being supported with every step.    

Whether you're the Uber for dogs, or a one man dog walker, think about incorporating this awesome app into your daily schedule. 

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