Tis the season to be Halloween spooky! Fa la la la la la la boo boo BOO! I am a Chicago dog walker in the Old Town Neighborhood area, 60610 and I got to say Old Town has got to have the most kick ass Halloween decorations. So I say, take advantage of those decorations and have fun setting up fun Halloween photos with your dog. You could even get cute and wear the same costume as your dog! Or better yet, have your dog dress as you and you as your dog! Here are a few fun Halloween dog photos I've taken!  

Free hugs! Theo I think he wants a hug and a kiss. Go on. Go on.  

 You might not want to stand quite right there Joey.  

 Brrrrains. Uh, Mika did you say something?  

 And this is what happens if you eat too much candy, kids!  

 Apparently, Mika is ready to go Rick or Treating. Choose the treating over Rick, girl!  

 Shadow always be making friends. "They see me rollin', they hatin'."  

Imagine all the creepy things that are hiding in plain sight that you don't even know are there. Don't be silly says Astro and Scooby. There are no such things.  

 And last but not least, be sure to get yourself in that photo too! Yeah, I may be about to pretend snap Minnie's neck, but what's the big deal?!  

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