I've never understood prong choke collars  for dogs. At best I find them unnecessary and at worst a little abusive. There's really no reason to use a pronged choke collar on your dog. Even the most leash aggressive of dogs can be corrected with proper, dedicated training and another type of walking apparatus. As a Chicago boutique dog walker in Lakeview (60657), River North (60610), Old Town (60614), and the Gold Coast (60611), I always want to make sure dogs are having the best and safest walk ever! When you're walking a dog, it's all about who has control and shifting that control. A prong collar does this but with pain.  


The most popular shift dog owners are making is that to an upper body harness. Harnesses are great because they eliminate the pressure around a dog's neck al together when a walk turns into a pulling math. Even owners using regular old-fashionedcollars and leashes are making this switch. A harness lets tou control your pup by his whole body. It's hard for a dog to act up on a leash when his whole body (not just his neck) is being led in one direction. SIT requires all of our dogs to wear the Freedom No-pull Harness by 2 Hounds Design. Its custom leash clips to both the front and back of the harness so that you have ultimate control and your pup can walk comfortably and explore without the hazardous pressure on his neck. SIT sells the Freedom No-Pull Harness and leash together to all clients! Call 312.299.8748 to set up dog walking, puppy outs, and in-home overnight pet sitting! 

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