One of the most important aspects of a dog walking company is the way in which they walk their dogs. Depending upon the company, there may be only one dog per walker, or multiple dogs per walker. In either case, it is important to have a few basic techniques to keep the dogs from bossing you around. 

1. Proper Hardware: There are multiple options for walking gear out there (Halti, Gentle Leaders, Freedom No Pull Harnesses, Pinch Collars, Choke Collars, Martingales) but the important thing is finding what works best for you. Here at SIT, all of our dog walkers in Lincoln Park (60610), Old Town (60614) , Lakeview (60657), Streeterville (60611), and River North (60654) take classes when they are first hired to learn how to use each leash or harness effectively. 

2. Obedience: Will you be a dog walking company in Chicago that provides the opportunity to teach clients and their pets obedience like SIT does? Obedience is a sure fire way to make sure your dogs are well behaved both on and off walks.  

3. Have a firm and tight grasp on the leash, and put your hand through the loop hole. The leash is a tool, and it is what directs the pet on where to go, along with: 

4. Body language: Dogs respond to calm and authoritative posture. If you use a weak tone of voice and weak upper body, you may want to take a few improv classes and hit the gym. This isn't a job for the faint of heart. 

There are lots of classes on how to walk YOUR dog in Chicago, but none on how to walk other people's dogs. Make sure you are confident in your skills before starting your business. 

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