Chicago is a city filled with dog lovers and dog owners. With people's pets becoming more like their kids every day, it's time we recognize that the next step are more pet friendly event spaces. Everybody loves their neighborhood's dog friendly bar. It just makes life easier when you can bring fido with and not have to worry about getting back home. We shouldn't have to feel guilty when our dogs are such a big part of our lives.

That's why at SIT Social: A Dog Lounge, we are working hard to come up with innovative and fun social events for dog owners in Chicago. We have to move beyond just a dog friendly bar in Lakeview Chicago 60613. We need to move to a dog friendly USA where pets can be front and center when it comes to some of our social options.

Dogs are a great icebreaker which is why I came up with the "Doggie Singles Night" in Chicago. It's one of the best ways to have a casual hangout with other singles in the city. People can wax poetic about their dogs all day long. Right now we are looking into partnerships with some big corporations to see about partnering and we are very excited for our first event. It's sure to be a big hit.

So leave the dog friendly bars in Chicago and come out to SIT Social: A Dog Lounge. It's the best dog meetup you'll find.


SIT Social: A Dog Lounge is a dog friendly dog lounge/daycare and retail space by day and a pet event and training center by night.  Come hang out with us in Lakeview Chicago in our 60613 hood!

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