Why take your furry friend to a Chicago patio when you can BYOB and bring your dog inside Chicagoans?

Forget the patio and stop on over to SIT Social: A Dog Lounge. This is an indoor space in Chicago where friends can meetup and let their doggies play together inside. It's basically like your own huge living room dedicated to dog play dates. Meet other dog owners and join us for social activities and events such as paint your pet's portrait night in Lakeview, and doggie singles night. At SIT Social: A Dog Lounge, your dog is always allowed!

SIT Social: A Dog Lounge features an open play space, treadmill for dogs to run on, a ball pit, and more. Comfy couches inside allow pet owners to hang out and chat while their doggies socialize so they can socialize too. Lakeview dog friendly patios just went out the door as you walk into ours. Looking for that list of dog friendly bars and patios? Add SIT Social to your list. Grab a 6 pack, 2 of your friends, and come on over. We look forward to seeing you!

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