As the weather in Chicago improves and the vague memory of that large warm object in the sky surfaces, inevitably you will want to venture out to explore, likely with your four legged furry friend. There are plenty of places that don't allow pets, but every once in a while it's nice to bring Fido along. Here's a few bars/restaurants that allow dogs in the Downtown River North Area of Chicago. When you're finished, pop over to our Dog Lounge to let your pup get some socialization at SIT Social: A Dog Lounge in Lakeview (3920 North Ashland Avenue, Chicago, IL 60613).

1. Clark Street Ale House  Bring your pup inside and let him/her help select the whiskey you'll be drinking!

2. Pierrot Gourmet Posh pups will appreciate this bar, with an outdoor patio located at the Penninsula Hotel. 

3. Tallboy Taco For that Taco Tuesday that you can't leave your tiny furry one at home.

4. Oak + Char One of the most popular dining spots for humans offers patio seating and complimentary waters to your four legged friend.