Recently, Sleepypod, a pet product company, decided to do some safety testing on a variety of  pet harnesses currently on the market to evaluate their efficacy in a crash.  

The results were shocking,  

None of the harnesses kept the pet in the harness and seated, The crash test pet flew off the seat in majority of the tests done, barely providing more security than no restraints at all. What Sleepypod discovered is that these devices (that so many people rely on to protect their furry family members in the event of a crash) is that he harnesses were really designed to just prevent pets from distracting the driver, not to save the animal's life.  

Clickit then tested their own patented three point harness, that keeps pet comfortably restrained in a seated or laying down position. It succeeded in both keeping the pet in the harness, and keeping the dog in the seat. Sleepypod even earned "the highest possible five star crash test rating from the Center for Pet Safety." for their work on the Clickit seatbelt.  

If you are thinking about purchasing a new harness for all the awesome car rides to come this summer, you can't go wrong with this seatbelt. While pricey at $89.95 per harness, can you really put a premium on saving your pet's life? 

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