The siamese is one of the most easily recognizied breeds of cat, originally native to Thailand. The modern Siames has blue almond like eye, large ears, point coloration, a triangular head, and a slender body that looks like s/he attends the gym regularly. They tend to be more social with their own species than humans, but are social and playful into their adult years.   

Siamese, when they bond with humans, often bond strongly to one person. They can be loud, vocal animals, with a distinct voice akin to the voice of a human baby demanding attention.  

There are several medical predispositions for siamese, and mammary tumors, gastrointestinal problems among them, but have a lower rate of UTI's than other breeds.  

Purebred or mixed, bought or adopted, SIT would love to help take care of your spunky siamese. As Chicago cat sitters in Lincoln Park 60614, Lakeview 60657, Old Town 60611, River North 60654, Streeterville, and Gold Coast 60601 we don't discriminate against any cat breeds. We love to cuddle them all! 

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