SIT Pet Care in Chicago is now going to be offering bird care as well as cat and dog care! 

I am a dog walker at SIT and this is exciting for me because I was brought up with a cockatiel named Cheeky and an African Grey parrot named Louise. Louise required lots of attention. She always seemed to find me fascinating for some reason. She used to call my name really loudly in my mom's voice and I would come running down the stairs yelling WHAT? My mom would be like I didn't call you. She was a great prankster. Currently, my sister owns two parakeets and I love to go watch them from time to time and sing them songs. SIT Pet Care hopes to see your birds from Old Town, 60610 Lincoln Park, 60614 Lakeview, 60657 Streeterville, 60611 and River North, 60654 areas soon!

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