Do you ever wonder what can I do to keep my dog(s) around and healthy as long as possible.  Apart from feeding them a very high quality pawTree products (the only pet food we recommend), supplementing with salmon oil, and superfoods among other things, and ensuring that they are kept safe from accidents and injury, Do you ever worry that there might be something missing from their diet, lifestyle, etc. that may later pose a problem?

A main concern tends to be whether or not dogs are getting enough exercise. That’s why at SIT we are big fans of the midday dog walk in Chicago. I mean - it's hard enough that our pooches have to poop on concrete - but with no yard, that also means they don't get in as much playtime as they'd like or the exercise they need. And when you get home from work - it's a tough time to have energy for your beloved doggie.

Recently, the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters created and shared a fantastic infographic about the benefits of the midday dog walk. The infographic, below, boasts the many positives for the pet including reduced energy and anxiety, weight control and exercise, as well as mental stimulation and socialization. There are, of course, huge benefits for the pet parent too, including reduced rushing and stress, a more relaxed pet, and overall peace of mind knowing that, no matter what the work day throws our way, our dogs will get their much-needed break.

When working with a company like SIT Social A Dog Lounge, pet parents can schedule midday dog walks according to their schedule, their budget, and their pets’ needs.  Or, doing a few hours of Dog Lounge (daycare) during the week is sure to get your pet not only the exercise, but the socialization it needs. No more guilty days at work or rushing home to a full bladder.

These days, having a dog walker is much more a necessity than it is a luxury in Chicago (we service mostly Lakeview 60613, 60614, 60657, Lincoln Park 60614, Old Town 60610, Ravenswood, Gold Coast, Uptown, & North Center) . If you haven’t looked into midday dog walks, now may be just the time to do so both for your sake and for the sake of your healthy, happy pet!

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