Pet photog Elias Weiss Friedman is coming out with his own book, and took time to sit down with Bark Box to share his top ten commandments for getting a great photo of your furry friend. Dog walkers, pet sitters, and cat sitters in Lincoln Park 60614, Lakeview 60657, Old Town 60611, River North 60654, Streeterville, and Gold Coast 60601 can use these tips to get better photos of their charges.  

1. Establish basic trust between yourself and the dog. Let the dog smell you. 

2. Get down to the dog's level.  

3. Have something the dog wants, like a treat or a toy.  

4. Move that thing around the lens.  

5. Learn to bark and make strange noises to get different facial expressions.  

6. Underexpose for black dogs.  

7. Have patience. Every dog is different and some may require more time.  

8. Practice, practice, practice.  

9. Don't wear anything you wouldn't want a dog toenail to go through.  

10. Reward a dog's effort with a pet or a treat.   

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