We've all heard the phrase- "Adopt, Don't Shop"

But when you're adopting, do you know what kind of dog you are looking for?

Many people go in blindly when they decide to adopt a new family member! So since November is all about shedding some light on adopting a senior dog, here are ten reasons (and ten adoptable senior dogs in Chicago) that will make you consider adopting a "wiser" dog into your home. Rescue a senior dog today!

1. Friendship from the start

For those that don't want an extra stress of making sure your new pup is potty trained, trained not to jump on you, or any other behavioral needs, the chances are pretty good that a senior pup has that down pat! No need to take all that time training. Once the senior is part of your family you can start enjoying your new friendship right away.

Petraits Chicago Senior DogPetraits Chicago Senior Dog

Take a look at Liz the Chihuahua by clicking here.

Liz is a friendly, sweet, loving and cuddly, ten-year-old, seven-pound, female, fawn female Chihuahua looking for a loving guardian. Liz might very well be the sweetest Chihuahua I have ever met. She is wonderful with people of all ages including children. She is also good with dogs of all shapes, ages and sizes in her foster home. She has not been cat-tested. She sleeps under the covers with the rest of the dogs in her foster mom’s bed. And, she is great in the car and even tolerates being buckled into a doggie car seat. Liz is housebroken and also uses a pee pad in the home. She sits on command and will dance for his treats; she takes them very gently from your fingers. She is not at all nippy or barky. She has a wonderful, lovely and gentle disposition.



3124 W. Irving Park Rd.

Chicago, IL 60640


2. Relaxing company

While older dogs may not have the ability to jump around as much as they'd like to, they are experts at cuddling on the couch, and are ideal for your "netflix and chill" Sunday afternoon.

Cam Chicago French Bulldog Rescue Chicago Senior DogCam Chicago French Bulldog Rescue Chicago Senior Dog

Take a look at Cam by Clicking Here.

Cam (short for the delicious French cheese Camembert!) is a senior male French bulldog. He’s is an sweet, elder statesmen (around 9 or 10) which is a few years past puppy hood but still a great little guy with a lot of love left to share with his forever family!

Cam does have limited hearing and sight and will follow another dog or human around everywhere you go -he just wants to be close to his people and get loved on- love is a whole new thing for him and he is really enjoying this new part of his life a lot.

Cam spent most of his life in a breeding situation with little attention so he was a little shy at first but in just a few weeks he is a Brand New Dog! He is very healthy although he can stand to gain a few pounds so his new home can help him fill out his small frame. He has some seasonal allergies that bear watching. He's also a bit hard of hearing (although that may just be Frenchie Stubborness) and has limited eyesight; but neither of those slow him down!!!

He has a seriously cute under bite and sweet, loving eyes. He is loving life in his foster home with a foster Frenchie. Cam’s had some dental work and while he only has 2 teeth left; he doesn’t let it stop him from loving his meals and treats!

He has met big dogs, small dogs, big people and little kids; and has charmed each and every one of them. He will walk up to everyone he meets for a pet and snuggle; he’s just a friendly guy! He likes to be near you; in fact; he knows how to climb the ramp to the couch and prefers to sit snuggled next to you! Cam absolutely LOVES to ride in the car; and will make you stop to smell all the parked cars on his walks!

The ideal home for Cam would be with another resident dog; big or small it doesn’t matter! He is still learning every day from his foster sister; and really enjoys all other dogs he meets on his walks. He would also do best with a work from home parent to help ease his separation issues. He is a total Velcro dog and will love spending time with you on your lap; by your side and in your arms. Are you Cam’s forever family?

Cam’s adoption fee is $150 and includes his microchip, heartworm and fecal testing. He will also come with a collar and leash and his favorite bed. He has been neutered and ready to find his forever home- could you be that special person? He is a quick learner and would thrive with someone who had patience to help him learn how great it is to be loved!



773 931 4860

Evanston, IL 60202


3. Trust you can't beat

As with all dogs that have been adopted, they are putting their complete trust in you. Seniors know they can count on you for any of their needs. If they’ve been a jumpy or nervous dog in the past, they’ve most likely calmed down. “Barky” dogs talk much more calmly. They are more confident in themselves. If you provide for their needs, they will give you their whole heart and the remainder of their life.

Fozzie 3 Chicago Canine Rescue Senior DogFozzie 3 Chicago Canine Rescue Senior Dog

Take a look at Fozzie 3 by clicking here.

Dont let his age fool you, Fozzie has pep in his step! This handsome fellow was found as a stray but likely lived in a home as he already has some house manners. He likes exploring all the neighborhood smells on his walks, and is playful in the backyard of his foster home. Fozzie loves getting cozy too and takes lots of naps throughout the day, making him the perfect combination of interactive pup and easygoing senior. He might appear nonchalant at first meeting, but he warms up quickly and lets his personality shine with just a little attention. Fozzie is currently in foster care with two young resident dogs, and while he doesnt play directly with them he certainly doesnt mind their companionship. Fozzie would love to celebrate his golden years in a laid back household either as a single dog or part of a dog family. If you're interested in adopting Fozzie, please submit an application on our web site at www.chicagocaninerescue.org



5272 N. Elston Ave.

Chicago, IL 60630


4. Much less likely to eat those new shoes you paid a lot of money for.

Some of us have been there too many times. We know that puppies eat everything. Every. Thing. In. Sight. Older dogs are more likely to look at you and say “Hey mom, those shoes look nice on you.” Rather than “Hey that looks like my breakfast tomorrow, Thanks Mom!”

Jasmine Senior Dog Lucky Pets luckypet.netJasmine Senior Dog Lucky Pets luckypet.net

Learn more about Jasmine by clicking here.

Jasmine was in an over crowded shelter in Alabama that is right next to a landfill. We could not let her be killed and tossed like garbage so we found a temporary foster home and will need a more permanent loving caring foster locally. Jasmine is probably 11-12 years old and she has a heart murmur and a torn ACL which causes her to limp. We will address if she is a candidate for surgery once we get her to town. If you want to help with her care, please call Lisa at 630-691-1359.


Foster homes throughout Chicagoland

Addison, IL 60191


5. You may be saving their life

As shelters have been growing over the years, many of them have been getting puppies. And, naturally, they tend to be the pick of the bunch. But when the shelter gets too full, animal control workers tend to pick out the dogs that aren't prime candidates for adoption to be (unfortunately) put down if not adopted in a timely manner. And the majority of the time, it is their “senior” dogs that get the short end of the stick on this one.

Click here to learn more about Pancho.

Come visit our shelter. Pancho is 10 years old and is in the office kennel.

Chihuahuas make terrific pets because of their devotion to a single person. They can be great with other dogs and pets in the home. They need lots of exercise but usually get it running around the house, but a short walk outside is always appreciated and a ride in the car is even better! Chihuahuas have a long lifespan. Some live as long as 18 years. Get acquainted with this dog off leash in our office area. Most dogs will need to run off some energy before they settle down and get acquainted with you. For more photos and information on adoptable dogs at Orphans, copy and paste this link in your browser: http://meetthepooches.wordpress.com/dog-profiles/

When you adopt a pet from Orphans of the Storm you enter into a commitment and agreement to care emotionally and financially for a feeling, sensitive animal for its lifetime. To be considered as an adopter for one of our dogs or cats, you must be 21 years of age, have the approval of all adult household members, have a valid I.D. with current address, and, if applicable, have landlord’s name, phone number and particulars of lease. Basic adoption fee is $90, which includes spay/neuter, leash, collar and various vaccinations, first distemper, general worming, and flea and tick treatment (Bordetella for dogs and Felomune CVR for cats). In addition all cats are tested for FELV and FIV. There will be additional fees for dogs or cats that need to be brought up-to-date on their vaccinations. Payment must be made in cash or by credit card. Orphans of the Storm is open 11am - 5pm every day except major holidays. Please see our website to view additional animals available for adoption.



2200 Riverwoods Road

Deerfield, IL 60015


6. Old dog, awesome new tricks

Despite what people believe, it is indeed possible to teach an old dog new tricks. There’s still time to teach Fido how to “Fetch you the remote for you” so don’t worry about that

Willow Senior Dog Adoption adoptaseniorpet.orgWillow Senior Dog Adoption adoptaseniorpet.org

Click here to learn about Willow.

Hi, I'm Willow and I am a confident and independent gal who cannot wait to be the love of your life. I absolutely love my people, and love nothing more than sitting right next to you to show you that you are my best friend. I am a homebody, so I would love a family that doesn't mind leaving me home while running errands or going for walks. I prefer staying home and protecting my castle. I am not a fan of other animals, so a home where I do not have to share my space with other pets is my kind of home. I will make you laugh out loud when I jump straight up in the air to greet you and for my favorite treat. I am housebroken and healthy, and I just completed my treatment for heartworm. I would absolutely love a home with a senior person where I could keep them company, be a homebody, and share all the love I have to give. If you would like to make the most loyal dog your best friend, contact Young at Heart please!



Palatine, IL 60078


7. No Surprises

Adopting a younger dog from a rescue runs the risk of them growing bigger than you initially anticipated. But a senior dog will not get any bigger. They will most likely not develop any bad habits during a training period. They bring everything to the table the first time their cold nose touches yours! And it's so worth it.

Senior Dog Lab Young At Heart Senior Pet AdoptionsSenior Dog Lab Young At Heart Senior Pet Adoptions

Click here to check out Angie.


Age: 10 years

On Medical Hold for Heartworm Treatment

Hi friend! I am Angie, a gorgeous and incredibly gentle 10 year old yellow lab. I am a fabulous family dog! I am great with other dogs, cat, and kids of all ages. I'm a typically happy go lucky lab that adores everyone I meet. I am housebroken and trustworthy in the house, but I do have one big fear. I am terrified of thunder storms. I need medication to calm my fears. Fireworks, on the other hand, don't bother me. Just storms. I am a healthy girl, however I tested positive for heartworm. The rescue is treating the heartworm, however it will take several months to treat it safely. I will be ready for adoption as soon as my heartworm test is negative!



Palatine, IL 60078


8. Appreciation

While all dogs in a shelter have been through a lot, senior dogs have most likely grown to love a family for years, but then for some reason were left behind. When taking on an older dog, showing them the love they deserve for the rest of their lifetime means more than absolutely anything to them. It means more than that tennis ball in the corner of the room or a full belly. And that says a lot.

Senior Dog Young At Heart Senior Pet AdoptionsSenior Dog Young At Heart Senior Pet Adoptions

Click Here To See Mindee.


Age: 12 years

Hi! My name is Mindee, and I am uber super duper beyond sweet!!! I am such a wonderful little girl, and I am so happy to be at Young at Heart. I am 12 years old, quiet (and sometimes a little shy). I am really good with other dogs and pretty much ignore cats. I am a healthy girl overall, but do have chronic skin issues due to allergies that Young at Heart is currently getting to the bottom of to see what exactly makes me itch. I enjoy spending my time snuggling and being petted, so if you need a buddy to keep you company, I'm your girl.



Palatine, IL 60078


9. Older is wiser

Senior obedient dogs are generally more patient, less rambunctious, and all around more disciplined than puppies. Skip the potty training and just enjoy companionship.

Click Here to view GiGi.

How does one reward a loving companion for a lifetime of devotion? Why . . . you dump her in a field and run off, leaving her behind!! Gigi is a senior Lhasa Apso, born 11/24/2005, she was picked up as a stray by animal control, her microchip gave us her name and age but the owner of record could not be located. It was obvious that Gigi had been on her own for quite a while, she was an emaciated 10 pound walking skeleton, filthy, stinking, worm and flea infested matted to the skin disaster; she could not see through the gunk and mats covering her eyes and it was remarkable she could even breathe given the horrible mess caked over her nose and mouth. Our first priority was to shave her down, clean her up and get rid of the fleas; then to the vet to treat her for worms and bring her up-to-date on vaccines. Back to the Safehouse, she was placed in a warm quiet bed, comfortable and safe at last, Gigi slept for two days. A little lost and unsure of how to react to all that has happened to her, Gigi will need time to heal and understand that she is safe now. Her personality is everything that makes the Lhasa Apso such a magnificent breed .... intelligent, quiet, an excellent companion without being clingy or demanding, regal, independent and stubborn. 95% of the time, Gigi is sweet, loving, affectionate, goofy and playful. However, her natural and intractable dominant personality (we call it "lhasatude") necessitates she be monitored in situations known to trigger negative behavior. Gigi is not a dog for a novice dog owner or a family with young children or other animals. She is, however, a wonderful pet for someone who wants a loving, utterly devoted, companion and is willing to give her the space and time she will need to bond to her new caregiver. All she wants is a second chance at a loving home. Gigi is spayed, microchipped, current on all vaccines, heartworm and flea/tick preventative, and she has had a complete physical and dental. Her adoption fee is $200. Please note: Gigi is eligible for our Senior-to-Senior discount


14015 Lemont Road

Homer Glen, IL 60491


10.And last but certainly not least, you will never love a dog like loving a senior dog

Have you ever looked at an older dog? Like REALLY looked at them? When they look back at you with their eyes, senior dogs have a deep knowing in their eyes that words can't fully explain. They look at you with compassion, respect, and love that can’t come close to any other.

Adopt a Senior Dog ChicagoAdopt a Senior Dog Chicago

Click Here To Learn about Murray.


Age: 8 years

Howdy folks! I'm Murray, and if you are looking for a happy dog to bring a smile to your face, then I'm your guy! I'm a very sweet boy who is enjoys other dogs, but definitely cannot be around kitties. I'm pretty sure they taste like chicken. I came into the rescue with Canine Influenza, and I was a very very sick boy. It took me a long time, and lots of veterinary care, to recover, but I am finally ok. Otherwise, I am a healthy boy. The rescue is just getting to know me in my foster home, and will post more as they learn more.



Palatine, IL 60078


So as the holidays roll around, many will be looking to bring a new furry friend into their family. And this year, if that's you, consider adopting a senior dog. It's a decision you won't ever regret.

To view more pets check out petfinder.com.